Fallen Shadows Characters

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Fallen Shadows Characters

Post by Third333Strike on Fri Mar 28, 2008 5:47 am


Name - Seth
Name Meaning - Means "placed" or "appointed".
Age - 19
Hometown - Cyrus
Weapon Style - Sword
Info -The main focus of the story, Seth grows up in a small town Cyrus. He is young, but growing up very quickly.
On the brink of becoming a man, he may get puched into it faster than he likes. After meeting an unexpected
friend, Seth comes to find out that there is more to life than he realizes.


Name - Nix
Name Meaning - "victory of the people"
Age - 21
Hometown - Irhin
Weapon Style - Axe
Info - A young thief, hailing from an unknown location escapes from jail during the first earthquake and flees to the nearest town.
Upon arrival, he suddenly realizes he has no where to go, no family, and no friends. What has he done? What will become of
his old lifestyle? After meeting an unexpected friend, Nix comes to find out that there is more to life than he realizes.


Name - Claire
Name Meaning - C"lear Bright" and "Famous" "Light"
Age - 17
Hometown - Cyrus
Weapon Style - Knuckles/Fists
Info - An all around good girl, Claire grew up in the town of Cyrus. She has always been the perfect girl.
She has been the prefect daughter, sister, student, and whatever else you put infront of her. But beyond
this, she isn't all that happy with life. There is someone whom she cares deeply about, but they seem not to
even notice her sometimes. How will these recent events affect her?


Name - Peridan
Name Meaning - "image, likeness, reflection"
Age - 44
Hometown - Ferrardaia
Occupation - Archaeologist
Info - Peridan joined the royal military in his youth, quickly befriending a promising recruit, Issac. They
were the best of friends, until the two parted their separate ways. Peridan is now an archaeologist, working
to uncover the mysteries of the past. He is also the father of Seth.


Name - Issac
Name Meaning - "he laughs"
Age -41
Hometown - Lyrysyia
Occupation - Royal Service
Info - Joining the Royal military at a youthful age, he quickly befriended Peridan, and the two end up going
their separate ways. Issac quickly rose through the ranks, achieving what many have failed.



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