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General Game Information

Post by Third333Strike on Fri Mar 28, 2008 5:16 am

A young man awakes during the middle of the night, to an earthquake. An quake is very rare in his region of the globe, so he goes to make sure his mother and sister are okay. They are both fine, so everybody decides to go back to sleep. When he wakes up in the morning, he finds himself unusually untired, seeing as he woke up before the sun came up. Second later, his little sister comes in and says that she can't sleep. He finds this odd, and goes to talk to his mother, whom isn't home. When he goes outside, half of the town is awake and utterly confused. The sun never rose. A few people in the town never went to sleep after the quake, and realized that the sun shoud've rose by this time. What adverse effects will this have on people? What about on the world? The animals? What will happen if the sun never rises again? How will people live? See what happens when a world must adapt and change to an ever changing surrounding. Monsters anybody?

Battle System Features
The battle system is going to use special items called "Soul Orbs" (That is a tentative name) These items will be gained
from monsters. With them, you can go to a shop and buy a new skill. Skills are character specific, and can't be shared.

With these orbs, you may also forge them with your items. If you do this, your items will gain special attributes. This is implemented
but still being worked on. I am currently deciding if you should have to go to a blacksmith to forge them. I am also trying to decide
if the orbs will have predetermined bonuses, and if the player will see them or not. But the system is in place.

Your skills will also feature a leveling system. Every skill in the game will start out a level 1.  Every time you use a skill the bar will increase.  When the skills levels up, it will gain a small increase in effect.  Its nothing nothing major, but it is a small increase, and rewards you for using your skills.

We have added alot of special types of skills that aren't present in the default battle system. Some of these include a skill for counter attack. A skill for auto heal(Regen), and alot more ill leave for you to find about about.

Also,  there are different tpyes of enemies. If an enemy is a flying creature, chances are you want be able to run up and attack him with your sword. You may have to find a different approach for these types of enemies.

Inquisitor - For providing amazing tilesets to use.
              Minkoff - Amazing animated battlers script.
              DollMage - Animated Side View Battlers
              GreenRaven - Animated Side View Battlers
              Ccoa - Tileset Addons; Characters; UMS
              Eilei - Minigames
              Trickster - Multi Attack
              Toby Zerner - Smooth Scrollin
              Sandgolem  - Event Icons
              Rye - Tileset Addon
              Euphany - Tileset Addon
              Venetia - Characters
              Mea - Characters
              Selwyn - Widescreen
              Rataime - Several special fx
              Nakka & Grin - Animated Battlers
              DerVVulfman - Animated Battlers Enhanced Script
If you see your artwork but are not on this list
I apologize ahead of time. This is not a complete
lists, but a complete list will be in the game.
More to come......

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